Custom kitchens creating a place to cook, talk and enjoy good food

Once upon a time the kitchen was the place the family ate and lived in.
Kitchens were places that made you feel at home.
Then kitchens were relegated to a room of their own and no longer formed the hub of family life.
However, once again kitchens have become what they once were, the centre of the family home,
and kitchen designs
have become all important as they are frequently the visual focal point of the house.

 We can provide any style you can think of in any format and material, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you like the homely look of warm timber or the polished look of granite
or professional and super functional stainless steel or combinations of them all - anything is possible.

   A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and............


Custom made kitchen of stained queensland maple with caesarstone benchtops.
Glass cabinets for crockery display

                                                                                                Ref: K1


Custom made kitchen with marble bench tops, gloss lacquer to cabinet fronts and anodised aluminium and glass doors to top cupboards and walk in pantry. Quality cabinet fittings throughout.    $24,000 + appliances + marble bench tops
Ref: K2


Joiner Licence  #222433C   -   Supervisor Certificate  #64780S